Learning the Truth about Me

The only way to recover from emotional devastation is spiritual restoration!
There are several reasons why this book has been written. The basic bottom line truth is that we, as individual people, do not recognize our value in the sight of God! As a result, we can be led to questioning His very existence. After all, if He is truly concerned about human life, why do we have so much sadness, anger, depression and suicide in the world today? All of this results in emotional devastation at every level.
There is only one explanation--people are not applying themselves in an ongoing effort to read, study, meditate upon and then put into practice God's teachings for daily living. Rather, many are content to build their spiritual foundation upon the teachings of someone we consider to be more highly trained rather than studying for ourselves to see if what we are being taught is, in reality, in keeping with Bible truth.
We are spiritually lazy. If we choose to remain there, we will never know how to overcome the negative mindsets that are so prevalent in our world today. Without accepting Bible-based knowledge, man's quality of life will never rise to higher ground. Like it or not, the truth is, mankind is simply not capable of "finding his own way." *****
Learning the Truth about Me has been written for the purpose of showing man's worth in the sight of God. It reveals how to live in a way that will protect our value in His sight.
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